Friday, January 30, 2009

I thinkthe online projects worked really good if you were gone days and needed to find out when something is due. I liked using wikispaces for the lit circles, but i didn't like having so many blogs and accounts online.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

People experience Macbeth's statement "There's daggers in men's smiles" all the time. If you're a teeanger in high school it happens all the time. Being a teenager you experience girls talking about you behind your back, or spreading rumors about one another. That has happened to me a couple of times. People just start saying stuff to ruin your day. It sucks the most when it's a friend who is saying it because they're the ones who are suppose to be there for you. I had a friend who started talking about me behind my back. She would say mean stuff about me to other friends and make little comments. It got annoying really fast. At first it kind of bothered me, but then I realized she wasn't a true friend anymore and stopped worrying about it. You are going to deal with people like that in your life, and you can't let it bother you. Those kind of people are going to be mean and try to ruin your day, and they will, only if you let them. You have to learn how to ignore them and go on with your life. You will be alot happier when you do! It also helps to have friends who stick up for you. :) I realized who my true friends are, and the people I can trust with anything. So when you experience "daggers in men's smiles" you can't let it get to you, and know people like that aren't worth ruining your day.